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     Our company is specialized in producing and exporting many kind of high quality , differential, new functional yarn, characteristic features blended yarn, dyed yarn and function fabrics, We have over 8 years' experience in making textile products.  We are a large scale new function yarn spinning enterprise with one hundred thousands of spindles and advanced Siro compact-spinning machines and Siro spinning machines. The technical force of our company is strong and manufacturing and testing equipment is advanced. We have built the new product research and development base with modern facilities and the scientific system of technological innovation, forming a powerful capacity of new product research and development, to meet the high-end customers' demands.

   Our company has a modern management concept and is the member of many new textile fiber organizations.

We mainly produce various new functional fiber pure spinning and blended spinning special yarns, such as natural brown cotton yarns, Colored cotton yarn, pure cotton yarns, polyester yarns, Model yarns, Tencel yarns, Bamboo yarns, viscose yarns, Acrylic fiber yarns, Cupro yarn, Vinegar green yarns, coolmax yarns, coolplus yarns, coolsmart yarns, hollow fiber, alginate fibre yarns, warm touch yarns, green mint fiber, aramid yarn, flame retardant yarns, Lyocell yarn, snow yarns, PVA yarns, hemp yarns, linen yarns, cashmere yarns, wool yarns etc. The annual production capacity is one hundred and fifty-six million tons.

Besides,we can also able to produce fabric and OEM towels.Such as cotton fabric,cotton and a variety of ingredients blended,polyester fabric,polyester cotton bedding fabric, yarn-dyed bedding fabric, casual wear fabrics,yarn dyed shirt fabric, knitwear,Taffeta, chiffon, bath towels, beach towels,  etc.



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